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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Plasterers have been... Part III

Went to the house on Sunday & not much had happened in the last week & a ½. In fact nothing that I could physically see. Went passed again Tuesday night, not expecting too much to have happened since the w/end... Well I was wrong.
Plasterers have been through in the last couple of days & patched & filled the whole house. Not only that, the cabinet makers have been busy too. Most of the kitchen has been installed, minus benchtops, & appliances & 1 sink, which is in the corner of the pantry in the pic. Looks like the cleaners are doing some overtime in the 2nd pic. Only took a minute for the nicely swept up pile of rubbish to be spread all over the floor. This will be the only time when the kids make a mess on the floor that we won't have to clean it up. I quite like the retro patch work on the plaster too. Shame to paint over it. 3rd pic is of the powder room sink & bench top & the 4th is of the laundry cupbourds & top.


Nothingbetter2do said...

Hey guys, wow, what a difference the plaster makes......it won't be long now...everyones getting excited now i bet.
I'll be waiting on that invite to check out your theatre when it's done too. Job well done!!!

Barry & Ksenia said...

Hey Guys,
how's the house coming along?
are things going to plan and as you expect?

gong1959 said...

Hi there, great job on colour/design choices. By the way, what basin have you chosen for your powder room - love it!

Dan said...

Great workmanship on this project and a great design. Torquay, South Devon and South West Plastering and Rendering really appreciate the quality of the photographs on here.