We're in... WOOO HOOO!!!

Thursday, May 31, 2007



We have made a few changes to the above standard floor plan.

Knocked out the wall between the study & lounge to make it one large formal lounge room. Unlike Henley, who wanted to charge an extra $450.00 to remove a similar wall in one of their displays we were initially interested in, our builder is not charging us anything. We don't work from home so we feel there is no need for a study. Computer will probably be set up in the spare bedroom.

Also made the alfresco area bigger. Extended both sides out an extra 1500 roughly & also extended it past the meals area. Will probably end up putting decking ontop of the slab but unsure yet.

Instead of a dedicated home theatre room we will be turning the full wall between the meals & theatre room into a ½ wall & the window to the back into a sliding door. This is so we don't lose our views from the meals & kitchen areas. This idea isn't set in concrete yet either as I am really keen on a closed in theatre room.. don't want to be waking the house up during the night watching sports & movies. (Don't like my chances though).

In the display home there is a gas log fire in the formal lounge room which I think would be a real waste so we have moved it to the family room where we will be probably spending most of the time when downstairs.

A few minor ones like a larger window in bedroom 3 (can only put slimline windows if house a certain distance to neighbours house for privacy purposes, but we won't have neighbours this side so not a problem), extra downlights, power points etc... & I'm sure before the tender there will be many more.

So far...

.... Well this is what we have at the moment. 700m2 of dirt, somewhere to put our palace. It's located in the Chase estate in Berwick (45 minutes south east of Melbourne for those that aren't from around these parts). The shot is taken from the centre of the block basically to show the view we have... Jealous?? That's pretty much why we chose that actual block. Also you will notice the thatched fence down one side. Another reason why we chose it as no one can build next to us so the view is there forever. If you look really close right in the middle of the picture on the horizon, & squint your eyes a bit you can see the city (only on a clear day which is few & far between most days) which is about 44 km away... sweet!!!.
So far we have had the soil tests done by our builder (haven't got back to us yet) but it was only a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully no bad news as it's a pretty standard block. Our colour selection appointment was done last Friday... which was pretty overwhelming but went without a hitch. Emma From Carlisle was a great help, but I must say my wife & I have very similar tastes which helps the process. Will be posting pics of colour choices at a later date (when it gets quieter at work... shhhhh). The tender appointment will be in another 3 or so week so really need to pull our finger out & decide on a few things that are yet to be agreed on ie. laminate or timber floors downstairs... I love the timber floors but the maintainence is not to the wifes likening. Do you think if I agree to the cleaning of it, I could twist her arm??? I'll see how I go (keep you all updated). Also not sure on leaving the theatre room as an actual "theatre room" or open it up as to enhance the views that we have... As you can guess, I'm all for the "THEATRE ROOM!!". I'm sure we'll come to a compramise & work it out in the end.