We're in... WOOO HOOO!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

More Bricks!!

Sick of seeing bricks yet?? Too bad... Here's some more!

The guys are making some real progress with the north wall all done, most of the south wall done & ½ of the front & back done. Not sure if they're waiting to complete it all before they start to put in the garage. Thought they might have had the frame up by now & get the bricking done at the same time as the house. I'm guessing they're leaving it until later so they can access the back of the house easier.

South wall all done!

Front entrance taking shape. The whole front will be rendered in 2 different colours (see the picture at the start of the blog)

These are the little port hole windows.....

.....that go in here. Also one on the first floor in the master bedroom.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I have been past each day this week (nothing better to do obviously) & the brickies have been hard at it. They started the first level on Monday & probably got about 10 courses high all the way around. Tuesday: Done another 10 courses roughly & the scaffolding floors have moved up a notch. Wednesday: ¾'s of the way up the south wall & ½ way up the rest of the walls. Will have another look tonite & see how far they have got.

An update from the last post....

Had a call from our site supervisor on the Friday who left a msg on the mobile.. (a day after the post on here). Rang him back this week & organised a meeting. Coincidence, maybe, or not. Doesn't matter. All good now! Now I have someone to direct all my issues to... So far, Carlisle have done a fantastic job & can't fault them so none yet & hopefully none to follow.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

There's just no stopping them...

Been a bit slack in the last couple of weeks, sorry guys, & haven't updated the blog regularly.

Unlike myself, the builders have been hard at it as you can see.

Since the last post the gutters & facias were the first things to be added, which was all done last week. Went to the site last weekend & all the roof tiles & battons had been delivered. Thought that might have kept the tilers busy all week but it was all finished by Tuesday night. Mustn't need to get up there any more as the scaffolding has been removed completely from the roof line. Think they seen the weather forecast for the rest of the week & knocked it up as quick as possible. Had to work on the golf handicap maybe.

Bricks & sand were also delivered at the start of the week. The house has been ¾ wrapped with insulation before they could start laying them.

A couple of other minor things have been done in this time as well... Glass has been added to the rear by-folds. Roof trusses over the alfresco finished.

It's amazing how much bigger the house looks now inside with it wrapped & nearly fully enclosed compared to just the frame. Each room is starting to take shape & you can picture how everything will be set up with it all finished.

One thing I am disappointed in is the lack of contact from Carlisle since the start of the site. I would have thought by now, at the stage we are at, that we would be introduced at least to the site supervisor, which hasn't happened. Luckily we only live 5 minutes away from the block, so I do go & check it constantly, but if this wasn't the case & I couldn't regularly pop in when I wanted to, I would have no idea on what is happening, or about to happen.... I dont think a phone call at least is too much to ask for, do you???

brickwork should hopefully start by the end of the week & it should start to look like a real house!!

Can you see the rainbow on the left hand side of the picture... Ahhh, isn't it pretty!!