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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Plasterers have been... Part III

Went to the house on Sunday & not much had happened in the last week & a ½. In fact nothing that I could physically see. Went passed again Tuesday night, not expecting too much to have happened since the w/end... Well I was wrong.
Plasterers have been through in the last couple of days & patched & filled the whole house. Not only that, the cabinet makers have been busy too. Most of the kitchen has been installed, minus benchtops, & appliances & 1 sink, which is in the corner of the pantry in the pic. Looks like the cleaners are doing some overtime in the 2nd pic. Only took a minute for the nicely swept up pile of rubbish to be spread all over the floor. This will be the only time when the kids make a mess on the floor that we won't have to clean it up. I quite like the retro patch work on the plaster too. Shame to paint over it. 3rd pic is of the powder room sink & bench top & the 4th is of the laundry cupbourds & top.

Plasterers have been... Part II

It took a few days between upstairs & down in putting the plaster up but all of the house has now been plastered. So too late now if we forgot anything like extra wiring or noggins etc.. Think we thought of everything... maybe.

More pics of downstairs with the plater in. The 1st looking through the rumpus / theatre room to our backyard & our view. Those trees are getting bigger along the nature strip & blocking a bit of the view... Maybe reqires some special meddy to help them sleep better if you know what I mean... Shhh. The 2nd is the kitchen, or at least where it will be (see following post), walk in pantry on the left, island bench in the middle, where the pipes are & byfold servery doors on the right going to the alfresco. The 3rd is looking from the back of the house through to the front door. Looking a lot smaller now with walls. & the 4th is the formal lounge. You can see the wall we knocked out to convert lounge / study into one big lounge room. The computer will be set up in the 4th bedroom so really no need for a dedicated study room.

Plasterers have been.

Well as I mentioned in the last post, the plasterers have been & done the upstairs ½ of the house. They definately don't mess around once they're in there. It's amazing the difference it makes to the place with plaster over the frame, being able to see all the rooms come together, taking shape.

Took these pics on the 20th of last month (been slack posting them, sorry) at 9:00 at night so it's a little dark up there, haven't come out too bad though.

The first is from the master b/r looking at the TV area & the 1st bedroom. The second is in the reverse, looking from the TV area back to the master b/r & where the stairs will go on the RH side. The spa bath has been installed in the bathroom in the 3rd pic. The 4th is the tiny window above the double shower recess in the ensuite. The 5th is the plaster delivered ready to be fitted in downstairs.