We're in... WOOO HOOO!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tender Appointment

We had our Tender Appointment on Tuesday With Adam at Carlisle & Like Emma, a really great help. Very dunting seeing a "Final Figure" in black & white. A little bit over budget (which was always going to happen), just have to put in extra hrs to pay for it!!!

If you're interested, we have gone for a timber laminate flooring throughout downstairs. Would have loved the real McCoy but cost / maintainence / scratches / wife constantly wanting me to mop them... Laminate was the clear winner!. We went for "Flame Jarrah" colour. Never thought we would pick something that dark but Adam at Carlisle had done his Bordeaux 40 in the same laminate, showed us pics & they looked fantastic, so happy in the end.

Changed our minds on a few other things from the colour appointment, like carpet colour, door colours etc... in the end we're very happy with what we have gone for. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Contracts will be drawn up & finished within 4 weeks & comencement should start another 4 weeks after that so as we were initially told August still looks to be the starting time, & still finishing in Feb 2008.