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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ok… It’s been long enough. I think it’s about time I updated this blog thing.

Lets see, where do I start… Well firstly we’ve moved in YAAAAAY!

We did our walk through inspection on the 21st of March with our Site Supervisor & his boss. By the time we had finished we have come up with a 4 ½ pg list of about 50 + items, mostly minor things from paintwork, plastering, scuffs & scratches etc. There were a few major issues from a dent in the laundry sink, that someone attempted to panel beat to the best of their ability, still stood out like a sore thumb. Also 4 large scratches in the timber laminate flooring in the family room, no doubt from a tradie dragging something that was too heavy to lift which left behind 4 train track like scratches. A couple of power points missing from where they should be… & the list goes on. Nothing too hard to attend to though.

They gave us a week to fix all these issues… keeping in mind it was the Easter w/end in there as well. SS rang me the following day & said all issues won’t be sorted until the following week & handover won’t be done unless everything finished… NO DEAL!!

We had sold our place back in December & settlement was supposed to be 29th Feb (as this was the date roughly we were told the house would be finished by). Because it went beyond this date we had 2 options… One was to move out & stay at mums for a month & keep everything in storage, then move it all again once the house was done, or we could rent our place until we could move in. We went with the latter option. There was no way I was moving everything TWICE! We paid 3 weeks in rent to the buyer & were ready to move in after that.

So we obviously didn’t want to pay anymore rent & they did tell us we’d be in by a certain date so we pushed them to move in on the 28th. They agreed providing the tradies could come back once we’re in & fix any unresolved issues. No Problems!

Did I tell you how much I hated moving. At least we had ½ of Friday & the rest of the w/end to do it. Went & picked up the keys from head office, signed the papers, received a nice complimentary bottle of red & a BBQ set then off we went to move. Had plenty of help (& offers), thankfully, as there was no way we would of got it done in the time we had.

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